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  1. Kagashakar
    Storm is a leading bowling ball and equipment manufacturer, inspired to create innovative products for bowlers worldwide. Learn, train, and shop at Storm.
  2. Volar
    Storm definition is - a disturbance of the atmosphere marked by wind and usually by rain, snow, hail, sleet, or thunder and lightning. How to use storm in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of storm.
  3. Meztisar
    Jul 31,  · Storm definition, a disturbance of the normal condition of the atmosphere, manifesting itself by winds of unusual force or direction, often accompanied by rain, snow, hail, thunder, and lightning, or flying sand or dust. See more.
  4. Yoramar
    storm definition: 1. an extreme weather condition with very strong wind, heavy rain, and often thunder and lightning. Learn more.
  5. Yozshujind
    synonyms of storm from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms. Find another word for storm. Storm: a disturbance of the atmosphere accompanied by wind and often by precipitation (as rain or snow).
  6. Meztigis
    Aug 20,  · The powerful storm flattened more than 6 million acres of corn and soybeans and destroyed or damaged 8, homes. Aug 17, , pm EDT Grain Elevator Before and After Images Show Power of.
  7. Samurn
    Aug 19,  · Nauslar, N.J., B.J. Hatchett, T.J. Brown, M.L. Kaplan, and J.F. Mejia, Impact of the North American monsoon on wildfire activity in the southwest United States.
  8. Zolok
    Apache Storm is simple, can be used with any programming language, and is a lot of fun to use! Apache Storm has many use cases: realtime analytics, online machine learning, continuous computation, distributed RPC, ETL, and more. Apache Storm is fast: a benchmark clocked it at over a million tuples processed per second per node. It is scalable.